Moving Forward − constant movement towards your dreams

Rule of the heart:

Moving Forward − constant movement towards your dreams

The Implementation Tool:

Constant change

Practical implementations of the tool

Life is a journey of improvement and change, and so is your pregnancy.

Every step taken, you do by listening to your inner voice (your ring tone). It is guiding you towards further development and growth. Your inner voice also helps you determine the right pace for the steps you take.

Freedom to choose is also connected with constant change.

Even if you choose a certain way during pregnancy and find out that it’s not working for you, there's no shame in changing it.
You don't always know everything in the beginning.

My friend Emi had heard wonders about having a home birth, so when she became pregnant she decided she wanted to deliver at home as well. She read several texts about the subject and made the necessary preparations.
When she was in her third trimester, however, she found out that her baby was likely to need medical attention when he was born. She was devastated, knowing that she would put her baby at risk if she still went through with a home birth. After long discussions with her doctors and her husband, she changed her mind about the home birth and decided to go to the hospital. In the end her baby did need care, but he was quickly declared healthy. Emi never regretted her decision to give birth at the hospital, but she opted try again for a home birth when it was time for her second child.

When you listen to your inner voice, change is something that happens automatically and becomes more accurate.
The word change is linked to fear for some people. I find that it's scarier to stay still and not move: at least when you move, many exciting things can happen.

The clearest indication of pregnancy is a physical change of your body. Your baby grows, develops and changes. You are growing with him. If, on the offchance, the baby was not growing and developing, that would be an indication that something is wrong. Development and change are naturally good things.

Gain power from your baby and allow yourself to change and make changes.

Growth in some people is associated with pain (as children experience physical pain when the body grows). These pains are a part of your growth.

Imagine the change and development in pregnancy as a journey that leads to the end of your birth process.
During this journey you are always moving forward, on the trail. So go ahead, walk on the path and enjoy the view. Think about your destination and your baby.

If you move faster than your required pace, most likely you'll get to your destination exhausted and you’ll have no strength to enjoy the result.
If you walk at your pace (listening to your ringtone on the way), you can enjoy the trip, you will learn new things with every step and keep on progressing.

Plan your pace to fit your strength. For every part of the path, take your step and you will have a positive journey.

Practical implementations of the tool

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“Don't dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer.”
~Denis Waitley (Speaker and author)