Super Foods for Pregnant Women


pregnancy super foodsYour nutrition during pregnancy is of utmost importance.

There are many nutrients you need and many types of food you can eat to fulfill these requirements.

There are, however, some types of food that are especially recommended, since they contain a high concentration of one nutrient or another and should be added to your menu.

We will refer to these as “super foods.”

Make sure to vary your menu and eat those foods that you like.

You should also try to eat them in their natural form when possible, since the less processed a food is, the more nutritional value it contains.

Every week will be presented a super food that you can add to your daily menu.

Some of the super foods that are discussed here may not be right for you due to allergies or other reasons.

Therefore if you have any doubts, please always talk to your care provider before trying these foods.

Check out our super foods recommendations.

Canned sardines – Super Foods for Pregnant Women

Sardines, canned and with bones, are a healthy ingredient in a meal, or a tasty food to eat on its own. Sardines are high in protein and vitamin D, which help your body maintain the levels of calcium and phosphorous it needs during pregnancy. One serving of canned...

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