Welcome to www.myPregnancyToolkit.com!
If you’re here, it must mean you are planning a pregnancy or you are already pregnant. Congratulations!

Pregnancy and childbirth are like a journey, a journey which at its end will bring new life into this world. During your pregnancy period you will be going through a lot of physical and mental changes.
This site includes tools to help you make your pregnancy a tranquil, relaxed and healthy period that will contribute to your personal development process.
Pregnant women have many questions, fears and concerns. This website is designed to help you deal with your different pregnancy experiences.

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As a busy woman and a mother, I understand that many women don’t have a lot of time to invest in long processes and self-help tools. Therefore the tools on this site are quick, easy to use and suitable for anyone.

The Tree Of Power

The site is based on the method of The Tree Of Power™. The Tree Of Power™ consists of the ”rules of the heart.” Each rule comes with a set of practical tools for you to utilize.
The Tree Of Power™ method is an approach to life, and during your pregnancy you have the opportunity to practice it. You can also use it after your pregnancy and childbirth, in other fields of life.
Each woman has her own special tree of power that consists of her rules of the heart, according to which she leads her life. The tree of power grows and changes, the rules of the heart become more visible and more accurate. And sometimes new rules are added while existing rules change or evolve.

Every pregnancy is different and special in its own way. I invite you to look around and find the tools that talk to your heart. The implementation of these tools is simple, easy and inexpensive, and you will always be able to use them later in life.