Optimism − adopt a positive way of thinking

Rule of the heart:

Optimism − adopt a positive way of thinking

The Implementation Tool:

Gratitude − thank the good things in your life

Practical implementations of the tool

Positive thinking is another cure for fears and pressures. Positive thinking is an important advantage in today's society. Studies show that a person who wears optimistic "glasses" is more happy, successful and healthy.

Focus on the positive things such as your baby that is developing inside you. When you are optimistic, the baby will feel the optimism, calm, peace and joy. Your whole body transmits it.

Positive thinking is something that you can teach yourself. First you must decide that, from now on your attitude towards things will be positive. You’ve already done half of the work. Now you need to act on it.

The easiest way to do this is by increasing that which you already possess.

During every step you take, stop for a moment, look at the step with a magnifying glass and increase the good things in that situation.
See if you can spot in the above steps that which was beneficial and helped you deal with the situation.

In every situation you can always find something positive. Once you get used to this thinking, it will become part of you.

When you look back at your pregnancy journey, look at all the things you've been through and give it a positive value.

Focus on your successes (small and large) and give them a name. Turn them into your muses that inspire you.

Every success that is added to your list will give you strength to cope with the fears of pregnancy, the birth and whatever may be coming.

Here is my Ten Commandments List for a positive attitude:

1. Wake up in the morning with a smile (like in Carole King's song Beautiful)
2. Look on the bright side of every situation − ask yourself what did I learn? How did I develop?
3. Give gratitude for the little things
4. Read inspiring stories
5. Use a positive language − make sure the words you utter are positive
6. Do not listen to the news
7. Help others
8. Encourage others
9. Encourage yourself − celebrate your success
10. Start your morning with a happy, energetic song

What are your Ten Commandments?

Practical implementations of the tool

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“Set out each day believing in your dreams. Know without a doubt that you were made for amazing things.”
~ Josh Hinds (Motivational speaker, author)