14 weeks pregnant

14 weeks

Hiya mom,

Here we are, officially into the second trimester. I’m now the size of a lemon and my nervous system is taking things up a notch. I can now make a few faces – frowning, grimacing, and squinting – produce urine and pee, and suck my thumb on a regular basis. I’m also starting to stretch out a bit. My arms and torso are catching up with my still quite-large head, although my legs have a way to go. Although I’m too tiny for you to feel it, I love wiggling my hands and feet. Also, while I appreciate how nice and warm it is in your tummy, I’ve grown soft, downy hair all over my body (called lanugo) to keep me extra toasty. Of course, once you bring me into the world, I’ll pile on the baby fat and that hair will shed pretty quickly. But just know I’m warm and comfortable in the meantime.

The start of the second trimester is really a good news story. Your energy levels should be back up, while tenderness in your breasts and morning sickness should be dropping off. Don’t be surprised if your baby bump starts to show a bit more around this time either. As your uterus expands above your pubic bone, it’ll start to pop and become more visible. Meanwhile, the muscles and ligaments that are supporting your growing uterus may give you a few cramps around your belly. Try a hot water bottle to naturally and gently soothe away those pregnancy aches.

It’s decision time again. Once you round the three-month mark, many moms consider this the appropriate time to share your big news (although chances are you’ve already spilled the beans to your closest family and friends before this). There are many memorable and fun ways to spread the word – like posting a photo of your bump online, gifting my grandparents-to-be with a pair of baby shoes, or creating a riddle for your loved ones to solve. But one of the most stressful and delicate reveals for many women is with their workplaces. Some women will wait until they’re very clearly showing, others will share the news as soon as it’s confirmed. If you’re having complications or extreme symptoms, it’s a good idea to tell your employer so they can be sympathetic to your health. If you’re unsure how your workplace will handle the news, consider reaching out to a close coworker for advice, particularly if they’ve also gone through the process. Remember: the earlier you tell your coworkers, the more time it gives them to prepare for your maternity leave.

I’m sure you got a lot on your mind this week, but you’re not alone. Check out this quote from another mom, “Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit here in middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be.” – Carrie Fisher (Actress)