17 weeks pregnant

17 weeks

Hi mom,

If you could take me out of your womb right now, I’d actually fit into your palm. I’m about the size of an onion or turnip, but when you realize we’re less than halfway through the pregnancy process, I’d say that’s pretty impressive, wouldn’t you? This week it’s all about getting stronger. My cartilage is turning into sturdy bones, I’m building up fat around my skeleton, and my umbilical cord – which ties me to my life support, the placenta – is getting thicker. I’m also getting prepped for surviving in the real world; practicing sucking and breathing every chance I get.

As your bump grows more noticeable, two things will probably start to happen. First of all, people will probably demand to touch or rub your belly. If you’re comfortable with it, there’s nothing wrong with letting people say a friendly hello to me – but never feel obligated to let someone touch your body just because you’re pregnant. Secondly, don’t be surprised if you start feeling a little off-balance. A newly rounded tummy can throw off your center of gravity. Get up slowly when you’ve been sitting or lying down for awhile, and consider swapping out those stilettos for flats – lower shoes make it easier for you to strut your stuff.

Is your nose still bothering you? Like I talked about in Week 15, many pregnant women find their sinuses act up – trigging allergic reactions, nosebleeds, and snoring. If you sound like a buzz saw overnight, it might be time to look into some snoring remedies. Drink a cup of peppermint tea to clear your sinuses, paste on one of those nose strips to open up your nasal passages, or try sleeping on a few stacked pillows. If nothing’s working, it’s time for you – or my dad – to relocate so you both get a good night’s rest while you still can.

These days it’s all about changes – and you haven’t even welcomed me to the world just yet. With that in mind, “Whether your pregnancy was meticulously planned, medically coaxed, or happened by surprised, one thing is certain; your life will never be the same.” – Catherine Jones (Author)