22 weeks pregnant

22 weeks

Hey mom,

My senses are starting to kick in as my nervous system develops. With my sense of taste and sound in place, I’m also starting to take note of when it’s light and dark. Of course, that doesn’t mean my schedule will necessarily sync up with yours – don’t be surprised to feel your spaghetti squash-sized baby-to-be tumbling around at night, although I am getting in about 12 to 14 hours of rest per day. I’m also experimenting with my sense of touch; reaching out for my face, or whatever else might be within reach. Speaking of my face, it’s coming along nicely. My eyebrows, eyelashes, and even some hair are in place and I’m starting to look just like a tiny newborn (and a little bit more like you and dad).

So far your midsection, breasts, and of course my home, the uterus, have all taken their turns expanding. Now it’s time for your feet and ankles to get in on the act. Yet another hormone is to blame for this one: the appropriately named Relaxin, which loosens the pelvic ligaments you’ll need to be all bendy for my delivery. Relaxin also frees up just about every other ligament in your body, including the ones in your feet. When combined with slowed-down blood delivery, the bones in your feet will start to expand, meaning you could go up by as much as a whole shoe size when all is said and done. If that’s the case, no worries: flatter shoes can help you with an increasingly off-balance center of gravity. Swap out those narrow heels for sandals, sneakers, or boots with a bit of stretch in them.

Whether I’m your first or fifth or fifteenth child, you’re probably thinking about throwing a baby shower to help prepare your home for my arrival. If a friend or family member has volunteered to throw you a shower, think about whether you’d like it before my birth (so you’ve got everything at the ready) or after (so people can meet me and you can ensure my gender). Also, don’t be afraid to craft a baby registry. It’s a great way to ensure you get the things you need and want, without duplications. It’s okay if you ask for some bigger items as well; shower guests and family members love to team up and indulge in a fancy blanket set or high chair when called for. Just don’t bank on getting everything you need through the shower – make sure your essentials are covered (clothes, crib, transportation) – and simply enjoy the perks of being a mom-to-be during your shower.

Even if you’re feeling a little more cumbersome and bulkier than usual, know that your body is actually doing amazing things. “I think that carrying a baby inside you is like running as fast as you can. It feels like finally letting go and filling yourself up to the wildest limits.” – Unknown