38 weeks pregnant

38 weeks

Hey mom,

If you feel like you’re carrying a beach ball in your belly right about now, you’re pretty darn close – I’m roughly the size of a watermelon! Right now it’s all about fine-tuning both my inside functions (my nervous system is still gearing up) and my outside appearance (as the last of the fur and waxy coating I’ve been sporting disappears). I’m also testing out my grip so I can firmly (but lovingly) grasp your fingers outside of the womb. At this point, the iris – or colored part – of my eye has filled in, although the color you see at birth may not be the color I end up with. While brown-eyed babies typically keep their chocolate tint, blue or gray eyes can easily shift to a rainbow of shades including green, hazel, or lighter or darker shades of blue. And hey, I’ve already practiced blinking my peepers, so get ready for me to flutter those baby eyelashes at you!

Right about now I know you’re anxiously playing the waiting game. Your body loves to give you little hints that I’m on my way. If you see a slightly bloody, mucus-y discharge, that’s a good sign you’re close to delivery. Same goes for diarrhea – after months of constipation, your body may be loosening up more than ever in preparation for my arrival. Of course, you might also be dealing with an itchy belly, swollen ankles, and those shooting pains in your vagina and legs thanks to me settling in to what I’d call the ‘delivery zone’ in your pelvis.

If you’re feeling particularly restless – despite the fatigue and general maladies you’re dealing with – consider doing some productive activities that aren’t too strenuous. For example, while friends and family will likely pop by with a casserole or takeout in the first few weeks, how about stocking your freezer for the long haul so meals become mindless once I’m born? Invite a friend over or recruit your spouse to spend a day in the kitchen creating all kinds of freezer-ready meals like lasagna or soup. Just don’t overdo it! Take breaks while things are cooking in the oven, or determine what activities can be done while sitting at a counter (like chopping vegetables).

I know you’re anxious mom, but we’re so close. Just a little bit longer and soon I’ll be yours to cuddle and love. “Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or hatch.” – E.B. White (Author)