1 week pregnant

1 week

Hey mom,

Here we go! At this point, you likely won’t know that you’re pregnant just yet because well, you aren’t. Doctors find it really tough to determine the exact date the lucky egg and sperm that are teaming up to form me will actually meet, so they calculate your pregnancy from the first day of your last period. Usually I won’t actually ‘be made’ until about 14 days after your final pre-pregnancy period, so for now, consider me just an egg waiting for some sperm to form an embryo.


Because I’m still just an idea, you won’t actually be experiencing much change right now. You’ll have your last period – so whether you consider it a blessing or a curse, say goodbye to your monthly visitor because your period won’t be coming back until after you’ve delivered me. In fact, if you breastfeed, you’ll actually put off your period for a little while longer.

If you’re looking to take me from an idea to conception, now’s the time to start taking care of yourself. Some habits can be stressful to a baby and your reproductive system. If you drink, smoke or do drugs, phase those things out for a happier, healthier pregnancy. There are also a few things my dad should think about as well. First of all, if you’re trying to conceive, avoid tons of heat from sources like hot tubs, electric blankets, or heated beds. Studies have shown too much warmth can slow down sperm production, which we definitely don’t want. Also, you’ll want to skip oral sex before having intercourse and avoid most lubricants – both can kill sperm!

Finally, as we get started on this journey together, remember:

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” – Elizabeth Stone (Author, A Boy I Once Knew)


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