2 weeks pregnant

2 weeks

Dear mom,

As of right now, I’m still pretty much just an idea. Like I told you last week, doctors will calculate your pregnancy from the first day of your last period. Conception should be taking place toward the end of this week – meaning I’m one step closer to becoming an embryo! For now, I’m an egg waiting on the millions and millions of sperm from my dad to make their way up your fallopian tubes. Of course, only one of those sperm will actually make me, but it’s the journey that counts, isn’t it? Once dad’s sperm and your egg combine, they’ll start dividing over and over again – in fact I’ll begin doubling in size every twelve hours. Don’t worry though, I’m so tiny at this point, you won’t feel a thing just yet. A few days after conception, I’ll take about 7 to 10 days to start traveling back down your fallopian tubes to set up shop in your uterus for the next 38 weeks.

Truth be told, you simply won’t know if you’re pregnant at this point because conception will be happening during week 2. Your last period should be over and you should be ovulating like normal.

If you’re really excited to have me, it’s a good idea to track when you’re ovulating. The natural family planning method uses your body temperature and vaginal discharge to help you figure out when the best time is to try and conceive. You can also get an ovulation test kit from the drugstore, but keep in mind the cost can add up pretty fast if you consistently use it. And remember, both you and my dad should be taking care of yourselves.

I’m so excited for conception! And while you’re getting up close and personal with dad this week, consider, “When two hearts beat together, the third one is conceived.”