Happy Boss’s Day

Happy Boss’s Day

Being a mother (and a mother to be) comes with a lot of responsibilities, many duties in the office and at home.

All of that can cause us sometimes to disappear…

We all need a quiet moment that will help us find ourselves again.

Today, don’t forget to take that moment.

Happy boss’s day!

every mom is a boss lady

Canned sardines – Super Foods for Pregnant Women

Canned sardines – Super Foods for Pregnant Women

Super Foods for Pregnant Women Canned sardines

Sardines, canned and with bones, are a healthy ingredient in a meal, or a tasty food to eat on its own.

Sardines are high in protein and vitamin D, which help your body maintain the levels of calcium and phosphorous it needs during pregnancy.

One serving of canned sardines can also contain as much as half of your daily needs of calcium and phosphorous.

 Here are some ideas for healthy and nutritious recipes:


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In this book you will learn about the image visualization technique and how it can help you eliminate your upcoming childbirth fears.

It will help you reduce your stress and you’ll even begin to enjoy your pregnancy.

This technique can effectively replace your fearful mental images of childbirth with those that are reinforcing and positive.

Tips to Improve your Chances of Conception

Tips to Improve your Chances of Conception

What age is the “cutoff” age for having a healthy pregnancy and baby?

How do you know when you’re ovulating? Does your lifestyle impact your chances of getting pregnant?

In this video all the important questions are answered. Dr. Eddleman introduces many ideas to improve your chances of getting pregnant, and what to do to assure that you have a healthy pregnancy for yourself and your baby.

If getting pregnant is difficult for you – Dr. Eddleman also touches base on this topic and includes some 45-year-old and older pregnancies.

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